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The thrill of victory and agony of defeat are on full display in this segment of the Burn vs. the Thundarkats game.

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04. 08. 2019

Baltimore Burn on the road playing in the USWFL.

Baltimore Burn Women's Football Team

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04. 18. 2019


It's time to order uniforms for next season. Make sure to email Debra Miller, our league Owner, your team sizes and jersey numbers. We've also partnered with (TBD) for all our equipment this year. We're getting 25 percent off all purchases through the end of 2019. Act now.


04. 08. 2019

Helmets are a continued debate point between rugby purists and those who played football in their youth. Neurologist Stan Grey delivered the findings of a three-year study at our annual banquet. Chime in and tell your viewpoint in this blog post.

04. 17. 2019


Baltimore Burn owner Debra Miller named Jon Randall as Head Coach for the 2020 season. Coach Randall offers over 50 years of experience playing and coaching football.